Sunday, May 11, 2008

Jesse Fell Down

As mentioned earlier, I had a very unpleasant Saturday evening. Actually the most unpleasant situation was, Jesse hurt herself. While we were waiting for Jesse's kindermusik class to start, she ran and fell and hit herself at the side of the door.

I was standing in front of the class, opening the door halfway while Jesse ran to me. She tripped and her head hit right at the side edge of the door in front of me! My heart dropped..... I blamed myself for not being able to catch her on time. Or if only I did not open the door, or open it abit wider or ?? she wouldn't have hurt her head. Mummy felt so bad about the whole situation :-(


slavemom said...

Don't feel so bad ya. Accidents do happen. Her bump will go away soon. Here's a big hug n kiss for Jesse. *muacks* *hugz*

Health Freak Mommy said...

Poor girl. Hey, don't blame yourself. Accidents are unavoidable and are bound to happen, that's why they are called accidents.

mybabybay said...

Ouch. I bet your hugs and kisses will make her forget the accident.

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