Sunday, May 18, 2008

Clean Freak?

Daddy and mummy noticed that Samuel has been very fussy with cleanliness. A little small spot, the size of a sesame seed, on anything, Samuel will ask "whats that?" and he will refuse to go near it. It is as if it is sooo dirty that going near it is like throwing himself into a garbage bin.

When in situations like this, daddy and mummy will have to either remove the little spot (if removable) or replace whatever the spot is on (eg. chair, cloth, etc..). Otherwise, Samuel will keep on whining like a CD that has skipped tracked (over and over again) "Daddy, mummy, whats that? Whats that? Is it dirty?"

Daddy and mummy is not sure if it is common with other children his age, but for Samuel, it is a big no-no if ever there is a little spot of dirt near him.


Mummy to QiQi said... it because either mummy or daddy is a clean freak too?

I just hope qiqi can be as tidy as her father instead of throwing everything (all her books and toys) all over the living room. Psss...just like mummy :(


alicia said...

chinnee, haha how i wish one of us r clean freak too but too bad we r not... wonder y hes like dat

shooi said...

Don't worry. It's normal. I've got friends with kids like that and they'll get out of it eventually.

Thanks for dropping by.

Health Freak Mommy said...

Funny, I am such a clean freak but my 2 gals are not that clean wor.

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