Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Fillipino Maid

A very close church friend of ours recommended her ex-fillipino maid to us. She was my friend's maid for 8 years until she decided to settle back in Phillipines 9 years ago. She came back recently to visit her husband who is still working here. Since her daughter is now 9 years old, she is planning to look for a job here.

Since we are still looking for a maid, I called her and met her for a short interview. She told us her requirements:

1) Off at least once a month - go off Saturday afternoon and be home by Sunday afternoon
2) Husband will come and visit her Saturday afternoon, stay in and leave on Sunday evening during the weekend when she has to stay with us
3) Husband can come anytime in the evening to meet his wife

Daddy was actually OK with her requirements. But mummy was NOT. Daddy's reasons:

1) She was highly recommended
2) Married and husband is here, she will not try to do funny business
3) The maid has the motherly look, should be able to look after our children
4) Daddy feels that her husband just want to see his wife

Mummy has no doubt in her capability in taking care of the children and doing the housework. But mummy is not comfortable with the idea of a MAN STRANGER walking in and out of our house, especially when we have a girl at home! Its a NO! NO!


Mummy to QiQi said...

Like you, i feel very uneasy having a stranger man in my hse too :(

mybabybay said...

Yeap, sounds strange to have another couple in the house. How come she doesn't go to her husband's house on Saturday and come back on Sunday??!!

renet13 said...

Hi alicia, i finally manage to get into ur blog through healthfreak mommy's link. Dunno y i cant do it from ur comments in my blog. Hope u dnt mind i link u in my blog. As it is hvg the maid already a 3rd party in the fmly what more nw the husband pulak. I definitely wont hire a maid who has contact in her working place. Cant trust them. sure got hanky packy down the road. Nt advisable.

slavemom said...

Same here, I wouldn't be comfortable. How abt she work like a part-timer? Come in the morning, leave late evening. Don't stay over.

Alicia said...

Chinnee,having a maid in house oredi uneasy wat more if its a man

MIchelle, her husband will stay in during the sundays when shes not off

renet, u r more than welcome to link me, nowadays difficult to get a good maid, fillipino usually deman to off at least once a mth and wen they go out sure they start to have funny biz

ginie, yes thinking of part time but the part time must know how to drive, coz we will wan a full time n a part time

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