Saturday, May 17, 2008

Samuel Is Sick

Samuel is down with fever since Thursday evening, he started taking antibiotics and he was alright the whole night.

He had a slight fever again on Friday morning. He missed his art class yesterday and we did not send him to school today.

On and off he has slight fever even with antibiotics. He has very yellowish mucus when he sneezes and thick phlegm too. I don't think he will be attending his swimming class tommorow.

Samuel's health has always been weaker compared to Jesse. Probably because Jesse was exclusively breastfed for 14 months while Samuel was never exclusively breastfeed. I only managed to breastfeed him for the first 5 months.

Samuel is also allergic to dust, that makes him rely even more on medicines. If he gets allergy, he will start to have running nose and when it gets worst, he will have phlegm and cough. We always have to make sure that his beddings and pillows are clean, otherwise he will start to have running nose again.

It seems that everyone of us in the family is not well. Started with Jesse, Samuel, Mummy and Daddy. Hopefully we will all be well soon.


Mummy to QiQi said...

The weather here is so HOT and most of the kids are getting sick so easily :( But luckily it is gonnna be the school holiday otherwise I would not be able to drive qiqi to school anymore (even hardly can walk up to my room now)

Hope your Samuel gets well soon...

Mummy To javier said...

Does Samuel take supplements like cod oil or vitamins? Mabe it would help boost his immune system.

alicia said...

chinnee, yes the weather here oso crazy, dats y all of us take turn to fall sick, but thank god, samuel is recovering

jenn, yes hes on cod oil AND vitamins, wen he is sick we boost him wif MORE vit C

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