Thursday, May 15, 2008

Samuel's Concert - Part I

Last Sunday, Samuel performed in a concert. This is not the 1st time he performs on stage. He has performed in a few concerts before in his schools.

Because of his fear in sound/ noise, we were very worried about him when he goes on stage. But during that night, we were very proud of him. All the children did very well.

Although we were informed by the management that the assembly time was at 530pm, we only went there at 6pm. The concert, according to schedule will only start at 730pm.

By 7pm, many young children are already very exhausted. Not easy to control so many of them. We were at the back stage with Samuel together with all the performers and some guardians.One of the parents brought a colouring book together with some colour pencils and crayons for her children to colour. And she shared her book by tearing some pages for other children to colour as well.

Only when they sit down to do some colouring we took the opportunity to rest. But once they finish colouring, they are back in actions again.

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