Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy 16 Months Old

Jesse turned 16 months yesterday, in conjunction with Mother's Day. She is getting bigger and older each day, although she is still a little baby in daddy's and mummy's eyes.

- Height = 79 cm (looks like she didn't grow taller)
- Weight = 10+ kg (do not know the exact kg)
- Teeth still the same = 4 upper and 4 bottom
- Loves to watch TV, likes most of the cartoon and musical drama
- Catching up with appetite, eating 3 meals a day, 5-6oz of milk each servings and 4oz of prune juice everyday
- Loves to drink soup, most meal either comes with soup or liquidy meal
- Drinking at night is very uncertain, sometimes drink at 12-1am or 3-4am or 5-6am, sometimes drink once, sometimes twice
- Likes to jump especially on bed
- Likes to write/ draw
- Started to speak clearer now instead of babbling - fish, duck, bird, bye, papa, daddy, ma..... etc
- Still very attach and clingy to mummy :p
- Likes to run towards mummy and daddy
- Want to hold our hand when she want to walk with us
- Still bully kor kor by scratching or hitting him, although there are times she will sayang him
- Still enjoy switching on and off the switch even when we give warnings
- Most of the time ignore our "NO" (unlike Samuel at her age)

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slavemom said...

Happy 16 Months, Jesse!

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